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People I Hate.

2008-01-03 19:19:50 by DJ-Prodigy

This is a list. It will grow. If you feel the need to be on it, piss me off.

1.CanadianSnowman -- Fuck this guy's a dumbass. Just search his BBS posts and you'll se what I mean. This one especially.

2. Stanni -- This post, and his replies, drove me pretty fucking mad.

3. Mizar -- Well, he asked for it.

4.F-777 -- I picked him. Understand?



2007-11-21 18:17:29 by DJ-Prodigy


DO IT!!!!!!

Tiesto is awesome

2007-10-14 22:18:09 by DJ-Prodigy

Isn't he?


2007-09-15 18:45:52 by DJ-Prodigy

Well, Im cancelling my (half done) production of the Mdaness Day 2007 contest entry, to work on a game for the Armor Games Challenge #6.

To anyone who cares, it was to be an epic madness recreation of the trailer for the 300 movie. Oh well.


I am submitting flash

2007-08-17 23:47:48 by DJ-Prodigy

To all who care or wish to care, I am entering in the Madness Day toon competition for September 22.
I am announcing this here, later to be declared official in the topic. many people might enterpret this as a "noob flash" as i have not submitted before. Well I am. My groundbreaker is gong to be this animation. And it'll wipe the floor CLEAN.

Harr Harr.

Normal post

2007-08-01 12:50:47 by DJ-Prodigy

Ok, now that Ive found out that the response should be fixed soon, i can make a normal post.

I am DJ-Prodigy, I make Trance, Techno, soon to also make Dance. My songs started out really shitty, but progress well with every new submission (apparently).

I hope you'll enjoy my newer music and take interest in the works of DJ-Prodigy.

|____ _____ ____ ____ _____
| | |_____ |____| | |_____
|____| |_____ | | |____ |_____


My review response is broken

2007-07-29 21:28:56 by DJ-Prodigy


I wanna respond!!!

Is anybody else having this problem??? THIS SUCKS!