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I am submitting flash

2007-08-17 23:47:48 by DJ-Prodigy

To all who care or wish to care, I am entering in the Madness Day toon competition for September 22.
I am announcing this here, later to be declared official in the topic. many people might enterpret this as a "noob flash" as i have not submitted before. Well I am. My groundbreaker is gong to be this animation. And it'll wipe the floor CLEAN.

Harr Harr.


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2007-08-18 00:02:16

I wish you luck man.. long live to the groundbreaker, haha...

DJ-Prodigy responds:

Thank you much EXTREMELY.


2007-08-18 02:34:14

Good luck with all that, I'll look out for your flash when the day comes.

DJ-Prodigy responds:

Thank you very very much, and glad to hear someone will look for my flash.


2007-08-19 22:38:35

Just make it a good one.

DJ-Prodigy responds: