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2007-08-01 12:50:47 by DJ-Prodigy

Ok, now that Ive found out that the response should be fixed soon, i can make a normal post.

I am DJ-Prodigy, I make Trance, Techno, soon to also make Dance. My songs started out really shitty, but progress well with every new submission (apparently).

I hope you'll enjoy my newer music and take interest in the works of DJ-Prodigy.

|____ _____ ____ ____ _____
| | |_____ |____| | |_____
|____| |_____ | | |____ |_____



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2007-08-08 11:24:35

You can't make pictures out of text on this. Believe me, I've tried. You're much better off uploading a picture. Regardless, I'll check out those tunes you have there.

DJ-Prodigy responds:

Thank you, and yes, now that Ive submitted I realise. Oh well.