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Voices similar to original, animation very good, and humor is amazing!

Excellent job!

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Great idea and concept!

sysrq868 responds:

Thanks! It seems that this flash's success exceeded my first expectations.

But thanks for the review!
-- sysrq868

I lol'd

nice, very very very nice and very funny. Only thing is, maybe make the guys look a little different, cause i think they look much like knox guys and that will have people bitching later.

Other than that, excellent job!!!!!!

Expect more in the future.


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Very good

I like it a lot, but I wish there was a feature where you could upgrade the health points of the "city" Other than that great game!


I can guarantee this will be on the front page. Great work! I love how the stickman's parts all get cut-up differently, and how small pieces can be cut off and he still lives. Sweet! My Hi-score is


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I really liked that song. It's great how you can "dress it up" in all that pimped-out shit. I don't understand what that small square thing is for though (the thing in the top right corner right under the power buttons). I especially like the "secret" Newgrounds gamecube in the corner (was that supposed to be secret?)

Anywayz excellent job!

KentWolf responds:

It goes on the gamecube and, thanks for the high score man!

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Oh hell yes.


This loop is it.

Such a great beat you've got going here. If I pick up flash again sometime, I'll definitely use this at some point.

I think the NG Audio Player fucked up the looping, but I still love this loop.

You should have categorized this as Techno. That's honestly the closest genre to this song.

Great job this one.

PS Could you review my latest submission please? Thanks.


Jebbal responds:

It loops well sometimes. Sometimes it starts over too early, sometimes too late. I don't know! It should be okay.

Techno is so vague! I don't want to categorize it under techno! I do need to take it off drum 'n' bass though. At the very least. You know what, this is speed metal. Or maybe punk rock.

I already reviewed your submission :D

Thanks for the review!

Tears in my eyes brother.

I don't know what everyone is saying about the drums, I really don't. Maybe they sound more trancy, but they sound good.

Tears in my eyes is all this song leaves.

Excellent job this one.


The hell

...did you do to the stereo and panning of this song? Why is it playing behind me.

Sitting with surround speakers, scared the shit outta me.

However, tis a nice song indeed.

I love how well those back strings (if they are strings) synchronize with the main melody up until 1:30.

From then on it was pretty much MAYHEM RAVE.

Another excellent job this one.

P.S. You don't recall a certain request do you?


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PERVOK responds:

No man, I don't have any recollection of any requests :( PM me about it?

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